Façonnage Atelier Caradant

Your semi-tailored watch with a personalized dial

Inspirational watches and already accomplished creations that are just waiting for your creativity.

    How does it work ?

    The "Shaping" experience allows you to choose an inspiration from the Atelier Caradant selection and customize the following elements: model of hands, color of hands, color of the dial, color of the weight, color of the case back insert, engraving of the insert, bracelet.

    To benefit from the experience, just pre-order the base that inspires you. You will then be contacted directly by Atelier Caradant to co-create your watch.


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    Gift card design
    Sale price$640.02 USD
    Shaping CityMaps Paris
    Sale price$641.00 USD
    Shaping Patterns
    Sale price$641.00 USD
    Solar6 Shaping
    Sale price$641.00 USD

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